Instill packs everything you need to quickly share important information with your team in the form of video.

Sequence roll: easy as slides

Your video is just a list of sequences. Create as many sequences as you want, and reorder them at anytime. It makes it easy to create anything from a simple screen recording to a rich presentation of your processes, complete with text and animations.

Sequence designer: good looks without effort

Easily combine elements such as text, lists, icons, images, etc. to form a sequence, in a way that instantly looks good, thanks to automatic formatting, one-click customization options and neat color palettes.

Smart animations

Sometimes, a simple animation is the best way to explain a complex topic. Use the Timeline element to tell about the history of a topic or the order of steps in a process. Explain how people or components play together to achieve a goal using the Actors and Flows element.

Video recorder

Record your screen to demonstrate the use of an app or web site. Draw attention to specific areas, with style - thanks to Instill’s sleek zooming effects. You can also record right from your webcam, or upload an existing video file.

Voice over

Recording your voice isn't limited to screen or webcam recordings. You can add your voice on top of any sequence, which makes it easy to keep your visuals light and give more detailed information orally. (Re-)recording is easy, since each sequence is recorded individually.

Create your first video.

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