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Effortless documentation that speaks️ volumes 🎙️

Effortless documentation that speaks volumes.

Quickly create and share videos to communicate key information clearly, so your team stays up to date and becomes smarter everyday.

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Made with Instill: watch some examples
Sample: "How to fill the employee activity timesheet"
See how a service company walk collaborators through its activity reporting process in a simple, visual way.
Sample: "Continuous delivery basics"
Simple yet powerful animations make it easy to explain a software delivery process to new members of a product team.

Make yourself clear

Slides with text and pictures, animations, videos, and voice. Everything you need to create truly useful documentation, in one tool, and inside your browser.

It only takes minutes

Creating a video becomes faster than writing long e-mails or other traditional documents, thanks to one-click slide formatting and built-in recording features.

Keep everybody up-to-date

Compared to slides alone, voice-narrated videos bring the full story to everybody on the team, wherever and whenever they need to learn (again) about a topic.