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Visual documentation for teams.

Visual documentation for teams.

Quickly create visual messages to share key information with your team. Help everyone stay up-to-date so the whole team can succeed.

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See what using Instill looks like (2:20)

Made with Instill: watch some examples
Sample: "How to fill the employee activity timesheet"
See how a service company walk collaborators through its activity reporting process in a simple, visual way.
Sample: "Continuous delivery basics"
Simple yet powerful animations make it easy to explain a software delivery process to new members of a product team.

Make yourself clear

Create visual messages that combine text, images, icons, animations, videos, and voice recordings. Everything you need to be clear, in one tool, and inside your browser.

It only takes minutes

Instill makes sharing information using visuals (and your voice) way faster than writing long text documents. Focus on what you need to say, Instill takes care of everything that could slow you down - like positioning, formatting, and even animating things.

Share now, let them watch later

Send your visual message by e-mail in one click. Or download it as an MP4 file to share it as you see fit. Either way, your team members are provided with clear, lively messages that can be watched from anywhere, at anytime.