Super fast how-to creation

Quickly assemble text, pictures, videos, short animations and voice recordings, to create the perfect material to help your team get work done.

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Sample: "How to fill the employee activity timesheet"

Sample: "Continuous delivery basics"

Use all kinds of visuals. And your voice.

Create sequences that combine text, images, icons and videos. Record your screen or your webcam right from the app. Describe processes using animations. Add a voice over. All this, in one tool - and inside your browser.

Be hyper productive.

Automatic formatting, one-click customisations, predefined color palettes, voice synchronization... Instill takes care of everything that could slow you down. Animations? Same. For example, give some dates and events, and Instill will animate a timeline. It’s like magic.

Share as video.

Publish your how-to as a video, in the form of a web link, or as an MP4 file. Either way, you provide your team with a contained, self-sufficient piece of content, with all the info they need to get started on their tasks.

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