Share knowledge with video

Instill makes creating informative videos easier than ever.

Use visual content and voice narration to inform in a way that is clear and engaging.

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Structure easily.

Choose your subject, define your main points and you’re ready to organize your ideas and start creating content. It's easy to re-arrange everything later if needed.

Clear and effective visuals.

Illustrate each section with sequences that use the perfect visuals to convey each idea. Include text, images, videos, and more. Create timelines, charts and other animated sequences with very minimal work.

Flawless design. Done for you.

For each sequence, Instill offers you a set of possible designs. You choose the winning combination. For the overall look, use one of our carefully designed themes, or make your own color palette and font selection.

Smooth voice recording.

Recording a voice over - in perfect sync with the image - is easy as pie. Record everything at once, or piece by piece. Messed up on that last sequence? Simply re-record that segment.

Create your first video.

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